2024-2025 Advisory Board

Members of the Advisory Board are distinguished professionals with extensive knowledge, broad networks. and relevant experience.  They were selected based on their portfolio of proven leadership and achievements.  They have a non-voting role, focusing on mentoring and supporting the Board of Directors. Their expert guidance is crucial in shaping strategic decisions and fostering organizational growth. The involvement of these prestigious leaders enhances the organization's credibility and reach, while helping to navigate complex challenges and capitalize on opportunities. They do not receive compensation for their role on the Advisory Board

The Advisory Board members provide support in their personal capacities as alumni, not as representative of their employers or respective organizations. Likewise, they do not serve as representatives of the Association of Military Alumni to their employers, organizations, or the US Department of Defense. Their participation and advice is not an official representation of the Department of Defense.

Patrick Ryder

Major General , US Air Force

Anna Marie Morris

Senior Executive Service, US Air Force

Colonel (Retired), US Air Force